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"Beauty Sleep Aroma -sweet dreams-" recommended by an aroma therapist

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Title:"Beauty Sleep Aroma -sweet dreams-" recommended by an aroma therapist


Sale date:April 16, 2021

Article number:SCDD-1609

For those of you who want to use relaxing aromatic oils before going to bed at night to heal your mental and physical fatigue.

Recommended by Hitomi Harada, Aromatherapist and Spiritual Life Coordinator.


To those who want to heal their mental and physical fatigue by burning relaxing aromatic oil before going to bed at night.

The soothing music and aromatic healing will improve the quality of your sleep and awaken the secretion of beautiful skin hormones.

Growth hormone promotes skin turnover and cell repair.

Melatonin, which regulates the balance between sleep and wakefulness, is an important skin beautifying hormone that removes active oxygen that causes aging and illness.

Why don't you improve the quality of your beauty with the "healing SPA habit before bedtime"?

The scent of lavender is full of deep peace and compassion.

When you want to offer your prayers and wishes to the stars, try Frankincense.

When you want to feel gorgeous, you can use the scent of jasmine or ylang-ylang...

As you diffuse the aromas into your space, you are enveloped in a velvet of calm and healing, and you melt into a beautiful dimension of bliss.

The moonlight illuminates you, and the waves shimmer with a mysterious light.

Soothing harmonies of light and birdsong and the buzz of life.

The twinkling of a lake at night with the light of the stars....

At the end of the day, let go of all your worries and fatigue, and surrender all of you to the heavens and the universe.

And may you encounter your own special gift in the world of dreams.

Hitomi Harada

<Recommended songs>

tr. 01 The Beauty of the Waterside

The sound of moist rain and a piano melody full of tenderness will purify your heart.

tr. 02 Night Bath

The beautiful sound of water will make you feel as if you are taking a bath in nature.

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<Included songs>

tr. 01 The Beauty of the Waterside

tr. 02 Night Bath

tr. 03 Footprints of the Sound of Waves

tr. 04 Dreaming SPA

tr. 05 Mysterious Light

tr. 06 Surrounded by the fragrance of Frankincense

tr. 07 Glimmer of the night lake

tr. 08 Moisturizing from the inside out

tr. 09 Sleep Aroma

tr. 10 Balance between sleep and wakefulness

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