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column:What are the benefits of "nostalgia"? Refreshing time with beautiful autumn leaves video and

What a way to spend the holidays! Autumn leaves video with high resolution and soothing guitar sound: ・・・・

Autumn is here!

The season that is often described in various ways, such as autumn of art and autumn of appetite, is finally here.

Autumn is one of the four seasons and is located after summer and before winter. In the northern hemisphere, autumn is in the second half of the Gregorian calendar year, and in the southern hemisphere, it is in the first half of the year. In the southern hemisphere, autumn falls in the first half of the year. In countries where daylight saving time is in effect, daylight saving time ends and clocks are turned back one hour. In the mid-latitudes and temperate zones, this is the season when broad-leafed trees lose their leaves, grass withers, and we head into winter. It is the time of year when grains such as rice and fruits bear fruit, signifying maturity, etc. (From Wikipedia)


Nostalgic is "a feeling of nostalgia for one's hometown, the distant past, etc.; a feeling of nostalgia for old things.

Recent studies have shown that nostalgia is beneficial in many ways. It is said to be useful for improving self-esteem, finding meaning in life, and confronting loneliness. Why does the sight of autumn leaves make us feel nostalgic? I think it's because we can encounter delicious foods and things that can only be found in this season of harvest.

A little perspective on how you spend your holidays...

Refresh your mind and body with the high quality and soothing guitar sound of autumn leaves video.


And I've got some recommended fall foliage videos!


Take a breather with soothing videos, and also selected videos from YouTube channels that are full of such videos!

Traditional Japanese houses soothe the soul, and the images of autumn leaves give you a pleasant sense of nostalgia, and the beautiful videos are perfect for sleeping, long into the autumn night!


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