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Chill Café Beats

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Born of the truck maker Tokyo. Mixing delicate piano, HIP-HOP rhythms, enveloping sounds and contexts,
Produce music that reaches the bottom of the listener's heart. In addition to mentioning the soundtrack of the game "The Legend of Zelda" as music that influenced him, he has a deep knowledge of anime and game culture, such as using anime and illustrations as the background for album artwork.


Latest Release

Warmth Relaxing Guitar and Bonfire II

2021/01/22 release SCDD-1588 UPC / EAN / JAN: 458010311502

The warm guitar melody and the calming sound of the bonfire give you blissful peace.

tr. 01 Moer warmth
tr. 02 Winter night
tr. 03 Call
tr. 04 Slowly
tr. 05 Forest songs
tr. 06 Remember that day
tr. 07 Comfortable night
tr. 08 Vermilion Story
tr. 09 Bring the white
tr. 10 Lively color


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