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Relax World is the key brand of Croix music label CROIX HEALING. Produced by synth composer and healing artist KOMA, Relax World integrates a diverse collection of natural sounds and tribal instruments from all over the world to create ambient music designed to soothe, refresh, and energize the mind and soul.


Relax World's exclusive therapeutic sound collections have achieved over 1 million downloads on major music distribution platforms. Recognized for their high quality and popularity, Relax World’s music was recently contracted by luxury hotel chain Hoshino Resorts, one of the largest operators of resorts and hotels in Japan, as the official music for their guest areas and spas.


Relax World has their own channel on cable TV platform USEN and created the music for the opening ceremony of the 2010 UNFCCC Convention on Biological Diversity. A special selection of Relax World's music has been curated for the Mizbering Project sponsored by the Japanese government to inspire riverside development and commerce in Japanese waterfront communities.