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秋に聴きたいジャズ &ボッサ vol.1 -autumn Jazz&Bossa music playing in cafe〜

Chill Cafe Beats & Moonlight Jazz Blue

秋に聴きたいジャズ &ボッサ vol.1 -autumn Jazz&Bossa music playing in cafe〜

Sugar Candy

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Included songs

01. autumn garden(2022リマスター)

02. She(Piano.ver.2022リマスター)

03. L-O-V-E(Piano.ver.2022リマスター)

04. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso(Piano.ver.2022リマスター)

05. autumn orange(2022リマスター)

06. What a Wonderful World(Guiter ver.2022リマスター)

07. Cheek Cheek(Guiter ver.2022リマスター)

08. The Rose(Piano.ver.2022リマスター)

09. autumn color(2022リマスター)

10. Days of Wine and Roses (Guiter ver.2022リマスター)

11. You are the Sunshine of My Life(Guiter ver.2022リマスター)

12. As Time Goes By(Guiter ver.2022リマスター)

13. autumn haze(2022リマスター)

14. autumn fever(2022リマスター)

15. Hello,Dolly!(Guiter ver.2022リマスター)

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