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Beautiful Piano ~sweet escape stories~

Chill Cafe Beats

Beautiful Piano ~sweet escape stories~

Sugar Candy

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tr.01「a peace of mind」 儚げで繊細なメロディーが静かに目を閉じて浸りたくなる、そんな雰囲気にさせてくれます。

The beautiful melody and rich sound of the piano will surely heal you.
tr.01. “a Peace of Mind” makes the atmosphere with a fragile and delicate melody that quietly closes your eyes and makes you want to immerse yourself.


Included songs
tr. 01 a peace of mind tr. 02 to be calm tr. 03 pleasant smell tr. 04 relax daily tr. 05 aromatic tr. 06 fragrant tr. 07 perfumed tr. 08 lovely scent tr. 09 herbal tea tr. 10 wonderful escape

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