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LOFI CHILL -ultimate calm beats-

Chill Cafe Beats

LOFI CHILL -ultimate calm beats-

Sugar Candy

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作業や勉強に集中できる、究極のLo-Fi Hip Hop Sounds.

The ultimate Lo-Fi Hip Hop Sounds where you can concentrate on your work and study.


Included songs
tr. 1 crescent tr. 2 nomad tr. 3 haze tr. 4 low code tr. 5 axis tr. 6 lily tr. 7 another domain tr. 8 weekend tr. 9 Atelier tr. 10 sea shower tr. 11 mellow tr. 12 gene tr. 13 arousal tr. 14 artificially tr. 15 vermilion tr. 16 oriental resonance tr. 17 pearl tr. 18 Jamev tr. 19 time tr. 20 archetype

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