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Lo-Fi Work from Home

Chill Cafe Beats

Lo-Fi Work from Home

Sugar Candy

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在宅作業に最適、心地よいビートのLo-Fi HIP HOPで集中力UP!


Included songs
tr. 1 Chill mode tr. 2 Awakening tr. 3 Boost tr. 4 Attention span tr. 5 Clear tr. 6 gentleness tr. 7 Cryptograph tr. 8 focusing the mind tr. 9 Resilient tr. 10 Civilization tr. 11 Chronicle tr. 12 More tr. 13 Goodness tr. 14 Credit tr. 15 Evening tr. 16 Weightlessness tr. 17 No aria tr. 18 Slow Rain tr. 19 moon hop tr. 20 Low

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