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FOCUS “BGM for Work and Study” vol.2

Chill Cafe Beats

FOCUS “BGM for Work and Study” vol.2

Sugar Candy

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Included songs
tr. 1 Focus on Shine tr. 2 Peaceful Ground tr. 3 Deep Memorize tr. 4 Healing Synapse tr. 5 Clarity Line tr. 6 Forest of memory tr. 7 Slow emotion tr. 8 Silence vibes tr. 9 Clarity imagination tr. 10 New ones tr. 11 Relaxing splash tr. 12 My Eyes tr. 13 In Natural tr. 14 Things up tr. 15 Being cure side tr. 16 Envisioning tr. 17 Smooth mind tr. 18 Timeness tr. 19 Low Mute tr. 20 Glowing Wing

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