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Coffee Time BGM~afternoon~

Chill Cafe Beats

Coffee Time BGM~afternoon~

Sugar Candy

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tr.3「Free Time」はゆったりと午後のリラックスタイムに最適な1曲です。
tr.15「A Good Friend」は何か懐かしさも感じるミディアムテンポの美しいメロデイです。

Coffee to enjoy after lunch. Have a nice BGM for a refreshing time.
tr.3 "Free Time" is one song that is ideal for relaxing afternoon relaxation.
tr.15 "A Good Friend" is a beautiful medium tempo melody with a feeling of nostalgia.


Included songs
tr. 1 A Fresh Pot Of Coffee tr. 2 Me Time tr. 3 Free Time tr. 4 A Wonderful Time tr. 5 In Break Time tr. 6 Breathe Deeply tr. 7 Think Positively tr. 8 Enjoy Music tr. 9 The Afternoon tr. 10 Take It Easy tr. 11 On Monday Afternoon tr. 12 Powerful Energy tr. 13 Relax tr. 14 To Be Gentle tr. 15 A Good Friend tr. 16 Feel Happy tr. 17 Nice Scenery tr. 18 Comfortable Space tr. 19 A Grateful Breeze tr. 20 Favorite Place

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