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Coffee Morning ~Cafe Time BGM~

Chill Cafe Beats

Coffee Morning ~Cafe Time BGM~

Sugar Candy

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tr.7「My Memories」は優しい気持ちになれるミドルテンポの素敵なメロディです。
tr.9「Let's Take a Break」は朝に最適な明るく心地よいメロディが特徴のさわやかなメロディです。

Freed from the rush of the morning, slowly spend your time with a nice background music.
tr.7 “My Memories” is a nice middle tempo melody that gives you a gentle feeling.
tr.9 "Let's Take a Break" is a refreshing melody that features a bright and pleasant melody that is ideal for the morning.


Included songs
tr. 1 The Morning Sun tr. 2 Early In The Morning tr. 3 One Morning tr. 4 Cheering News tr. 5 Conversation tr. 6 To Speak tr. 7 My Memories tr. 8 Place Of Memories tr. 9 Let’s Take a Break tr. 10 Coffee Break tr. 11 Make Coffee tr. 12 A Cup Of Coffee tr. 13 To Awake tr. 14 Please Take tr. 15 Fragrance tr. 16 To Be Calm tr. 17 Peace of mind tr. 18 A Calm day tr. 19 To Become Fresh tr. 20 Did You See The News?

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