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Good Night café

Chill Cafe Beats

Good Night café

Sugar Candy

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tr.1「Tomorrow is another day」tr.2「Everything's gonna be alright」から始まる明日への希望が満ちた至極のギターミュージックアルバムです。

People around me are already sleeping. Immerse yourself in music towards "tomorrow". Relaxation music to listen to at such a night.
This is the ultimate guitar music album filled with hope for tomorrow starting from tr.1 "Tomorrow is another day" tr.2 "Everything goes well".


Included songs
tr.01 Tomorrow is another day tr.02 Everything’s gonna be alright tr.03 Believe in yourself tr.04 Keep your head up tr.05 Change before you have to tr.06 I do not seek, find tr.07 I have a dream tr.08 Knowledge is power tr.09 Get over it tr.10 Well done tr.11 Life is full of surprises tr.12 Chill out tr.13 Easy does it tr.14 Experience is the best teacher tr.15 Hang in there tr.16 Never stop smiling tr.17 Made my day tr.18 Hope is a waking dream tr.19 Everybody’s a dreamer tr.20 Every day is a new day

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