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Peaceful Guitar "Soothing Time"

Chill Cafe Beats

Peaceful Guitar "Soothing Time"

Sugar Candy

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秋風を感じるやさしいギターの音が、あなたの心をリラックスした気持ちにさせてくれます。Tr16のMany livesは物悲しくも温かい、美しい旋律が心に響きます。

The gentle autumn guitar sound makes your mind relaxed. Tr16 is sad and warm, and the beautiful melody touches my heart.


Included songs
tr. 01 Sunset and wind tr. 02 Distant Dream tr. 03 Pampas grass tr. 04 The Memory tr. 05 Red bicycle tr. 06 Setting sun tr. 07 Orange sunbeams tr. 08 Your voice tr. 09 Swaying scenery tr. 10 Clover tr. 11 Your home tr. 12 Autumn flowers tr. 13 Bellworm tr. 14 Walk with clouds tr. 15 Kind heart tr. 16 Many lives tr. 17 The Sun set song tr. 18 For tomorrow tr. 19 Sigh of the sky tr. 20 Way home

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