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Refresh Guitar Cafe "popular song cover"

Chill Cafe Beats

Refresh Guitar Cafe "popular song cover"

Sugar Candy

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Chil Out BGMのトラックメイカー「Chill Caf_ Beats」の洋楽名曲アコースティックカバー!


Included songs
tr. 01 Over the Rainbow tr. 02 Close to You tr. 03 Yesterday tr. 04 I Just Called to Say I Love you tr. 05 No Woman, No Cry tr. 06 You’ve Got a Friend tr. 07 While My Guitar Gently Weeps tr. 08 When You Wish Upon a Star tr. 09 Over Joyed tr. 10 I’ll Be There tr. 11 Desperado tr. 12 Scarborough Fair tr. 13 Heaven tr. 14 Eternal Flame tr. 15 Moon River tr. 16 As Time Goes By tr. 17 The Long and Winding Road

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