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Acoustic life guitar


Acoustic life guitar

Sugar Candy

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Included songs
tr. 1 Overflowing sun tr. 2 Blue in blue tr. 3 Seaside town tr. 4 Small white flower tr. 5 Lohas daily tr. 6 Morning shower tr. 7 Nostalgic Return tr. 8 At the end of the cloud tr. 9 Morning light tr. 10 Healing fountain tr. 11 Blew in the wind of star sand tr. 12 Aroma of freesia tr. 13 Connected hands and hands tr. 14 The windy road tr. 15 Take a nap on the sandy beach tr. 16 Lake on the hill tr. 17 Magic of the wind tr. 18 Sky blue blouse tr. 19 Overlapping rainbow light tr. 20 Overflowing melody

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