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Study Beats lofi Vol.2

Sugar Candy

Study Beats lofi Vol.2

Sugar Candy

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Included songs
tr. 1 Incidental image tr. 2 kaleidoscope tr. 3 light smoke from the chimney tr. 4 night fountain tr. 5 night safari tr. 6 palpitation tr. 7 planetarium tr. 8 radiance tr. 9 seagulls in the sky tr. 10 shadowy firelight tr. 11 silvery moonbeams tr. 12 soar into the sky tr. 13 space telescope tr. 14 sparkle tr. 15 star festival tr. 16 the colors of the rainbow tr. 17 the dawing sky tr. 18 the surface tr. 19 umbrella tr. 20 water drops

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