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春のリラクシング・サウンド ~春を感じるカフェBGM~

Sugar Candy

春のリラクシング・サウンド ~春を感じるカフェBGM~

Sugar Candy

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A refreshing cafe bossa album that feels spring. for your relaxing time ♪


Included songs
tr. 1 Smooth Light tr. 2 Flower Breeze tr. 3 Calmness tr. 4 Warmth tr. 5 Colors tr. 6 End of Snow tr. 7 Sakura tr. 8 Dandelion tr. 9 Sunday tr. 10 Spring in the air tr. 11 Breath tr. 12 Springlike tr. 13 Smile tr. 14 Skyhigh tr. 15 Utopia tr. 16 Amity tr. 17 Pastel tr. 18 Zephyr tr. 19 Tulip tr. 20 Bouquet

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