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Sunrise YOGA ~ Greet the Sun 

Sugar Candy

Sunrise YOGA ~ Greet the Sun 

Sugar Candy

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Yoga at sunrise is beautiful. The world is quiet and the atmosphere feels something special.
In the morning, an important time to start your day, why don’t you wake up a little earlier than usual and discover something new?
Relax your mind and body with a pleasant sound.


Included songs
tr. 1 Sunrise YOGA tr. 2 take a breath tr. 3 awakening of morning mist tr. 4 connect with your breath tr. 5 natural rhythm tr. 6 medications for focus tr. 7 sunshine and oranges tr. 8 Sparking Joy tr. 9 Thank you moment tr. 10 Energizing Practice tr. 11 The joy of empathy tr. 12 Greet the Sunrise tr. 13 Connect to the best self tr. 14 Wind Down tr. 15 Greet the Sun tr. 16 Bless Your Day with Gratitude

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