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Virtual Train Music~time to relax~

Sugar Candy

Virtual Train Music~time to relax~

Sugar Candy

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Virtual Train Music の第3弾!!電車音が心地よくをリラックスできる音楽です。電車に乗ってちょっとした旅気分もできますよ。心地よい音に揺られては、いかかですか?

The third installment of Virtual Train Music! !!
The sound of the train is music that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.
You can feel like traveling on the train. How about being shaken by a pleasant sound?


Included songs
tr. 01 departures tr. 02 healing station tr. 03 quiet tr. 04 weekend day trip tr. 05 reassured tr. 06 timetable tr. 07 route search tr. 08 take a break tr. 09 light breeze tr. 10 bliss

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