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Relaxing Hawaiian Guitar ~Nana no moe~

Sugar Candy

Relaxing Hawaiian Guitar ~Nana no moe~

Sugar Candy

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ハワイ好きの方へお勧めする、ハワイを感じる音楽です。”Hawaii Aloha”の定番曲からオリジナル曲まで、たっぷりハワイを感じることができますよ。 極上のハワイ気分を楽しんで!!


Recommended by Hawaii lovers,
it is a music that you should definitely listen to. From the classic songs of “Pua Tuberose” to the original songs, you can fully feel Hawaii.
Enjoy the finest Hawaiian mood! !!

Included songs
tr. 01 Hawaii Aloha tr. 02 Akaka Falls tr. 03 Pua Tuberose tr. 04 Rainbow Town tr. 05 My Way tr. 06 Makana tr. 07 Ukulele Chord tr. 08 Lokomaikai tr. 09 Lokahi tr. 10 Sunset Promise

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