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BEST BEAT for Running ~ランニング・ミュージックはこれで決まり!

Track Maker R

BEST BEAT for Running ~ランニング・ミュージックはこれで決まり!

Sugar Candy

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Included songs
1. Better Days Running 2. Hope Beyond The Skyline 3. Outta My Mind 4. A Echo Remains 5. Strange Scenery 6. Sirent Heartbeat 7. Better Days 8. Steppin To the Sunny Side 9. Feel the Love Rhythm 10. Chasing the Winds 11. Still On the Road 12. Always the Sun Running With Me 13. All I Wanna Do 14. Tomorrow the Green Glass 15. Run Smile Run 16. The Infinite Sky 17. Regain the Shore 18. Touch the Rainbow 19. Set Your Soul Free 20. Better Days Running (Reprise)

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