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Brave New World 

​~ Space Journey ~

Image by Toa Heftiba

Bajune Tobeta's latest album with gorgeous artists!

Find Brave New World  (RELAX WORLD)
Spectacle fantasy
2021.9.22. RELEASE

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Image by Manu Franco

Feelings put in the album


It is an era in which the protection of the natural environment is taken seriously.
Now that we are aiming for a sustainable society and planning to move to Mars and the Moon, I have drawn a spectacular fantasy of a journey to find RELAX WORLD (Brave New World ) in the future, past, and inside the earth.
It's a spectacular fantasy, and at the same time, it's a realistic business concept.

―― Bajune Tobeta

Image by Guillaume Galtier

With gorgeous artists such as "Kiyotaka Sugiyama", "Yui Asaka" in the 80's, "Chara", "ACO" in the 90's, "Yoshikuni Dochin", "Mummy-D", and "Bonjour Suzuki" in the 2000's.
80's / 90's / 00's, which is also the concept of this work, such as the illustrator "Kayobi" with the theme of the world view of the 1980s and the next-generation video creator "Asuka Dokai" selected as "100 video artists 2021". In each era, artists from different generations gathered in a work called "Wonderful new world ~ RELAX WORLD ~".
A sci-fi spectacle fantasy that transcends the boundaries of the times and time-leaps into the future and the past is depicted as a spaceship journey named Croix.
The spaceship that appears in the "Wonderful New World" MV has the shape of a "Cross", and the paradise that arrives at the end of the MV will be developed in "RELAX WORLD".


With the expression of an unknown virus, fear and tension continue every day.
One day, even just living has become a world where we cannot escape from fighting.
It's not just the invisible.

As a talker, every day I send a voice to help relax the listener's body and mind, which has become stronger, so that I can relax as much as possible.

In the world drawn by Bajune Tobeta, I acted as a flight attendant who invites listeners to the Brave New World  RELAX WORLD.
I would be happy if I could play that role in this one music album.

May you be freed from your heart and arrive at a wonderful new world of meditation and sleep.

--Miho Hamasaki

Image by NASA

tr. 01 Brave New World --Prologue-
tr. 02 Brave New World --Main Title Theme -
tr. 03 Starship Croix Info1 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 04 Alfaldo's Melancholy
tr. 05 Starship Croix Info2 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 06 Tooshin Dooi
tr. 07 Starship Croix Info3 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 08 Launch of Croix
tr. 09 Starship Croix Info4 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 10 Shaura's dream
tr. 11 Starship Croix Info5 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 12 Energy Relaxation Time (Meditation Edit)
tr. 13 Starship Croix Info6 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 14 Sound Baths (Meditation Edit)
tr. 15 Starship Croix Info7 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 16 THE SUNS IN ANOTHER WORLD (Piano Chill Edit)
tr. 17 Starship Croix Info8 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 18 Soma
tr. 19 TWINKLE SCALE (Piano Chill Edit)
tr. 20 Starship Croix Info9 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 21 DIGNIFIED TREE (Piano Chill Edit)
tr. 22 Alfaldo's plan
tr. 23 Starship Croix Info10 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 24 School days
tr. 25 Starship Croix Info11 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 26 2540
tr. 27 Starship Croix Info12 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 28 Boarding ramp
tr. 29 Starship Croix Info13 (CA Miho Hamasaki)
tr. 30 Tokyo Symphony --End Theme -
tr. 31 Brave New World --Epilogue -


Released on Sugar Candy YouTube CHANNEL from August 18th

Wonderful new world
Water city
Image by Joanna Kosinska

Japanese businessman, producer, musician. President of Croix Co., Ltd. Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture. After working as an artist belonging to Sakamoto's production LLP 10 ° C, he became independent in 2005 and established Croix Co., Ltd., which mainly focuses on healing music, in June 2009. In the healing sound field, we expanded our business to the top share in Japan, and in 2017, we were officially certified as a member of the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) and joined the Recording Industry Association of Japan (FMPJ). Expand business in the field of well-being technology. Currently, under the slogan of "Meditation and Sleep", we are improving development accuracy while solidifying a network of collaborations with medical experts and specialists, and expanding the "Mindfulness" and "ZEN" markets in Japan and overseas. , And business development for IoT.

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