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Trakc Maker R

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MEMBER / Yuu [DJ&Key]

Yuu (DJ/Keyboard) is famous for his Electro and EDM music. Track Maker R's "Running Track" and "Fitness Workout BGM” is very popular with people who love fitness. Track Maker R also created music for Disney Japan's official channel, Disney's official "Pooh's nap time ~Winnie the Pooh's relax music~" CD and "Colorful POP Disney:  Disney Art 101".



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Latest Release

Winter cafe BOSSA
~ A heart-throbbing love song that you want to listen to at a cafe or on a drive ~

2020/11/27 release SCDD-1576 UPC / EAN / JAN: 458010311182

The production team of the Atelier Bossa Conscious series, which covered the famous songs of Western music with club-type bossa and female vocals and became "a synonym for the season" on the iTunes chart, covers the nostalgic J-POP chest kyun song. The "butterfly" melody and singing voice on a light beat are perfect for a holiday drive.

tr. 01 I like it more than anyone else
tr. 02 Beautifully burning forest
tr. 03 Fly away
tr. 04 long version
tr. 05 Mermaid
tr. 06 come again
tr. 07 Rainy Blue
tr. 08 Lum's Love Song
tr. 09 Gentle rain
tr. 10 Gift
tr. 11 Shining On Kimi is sad
tr. 12 Say That You Love Me
tr. 13 A wandering cat runs
tr. 14 While listening to Olivia


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