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Who will you spend Christmas with this year?

Soothing Christmas and winter music perfect for spending a special night with your loved ones.

We have collected Christmas & Winter pieces that you can relax and enjoy, from classic Christmas songs to famous hymns, perfect for spending time with your loved ones on special occasions, such as lovers, family, and friends.

Please spend a happy time in a relaxed and carefree mood.


<Christmas & Winter Music Playlist>


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Christmas is about relaxing with music with a soothing beat♪A dope chill sound that subtly colors the holy night with a melancholic and calm sound, making it a calm Lofi chill work to spend time with your loved ones.

Title:Christmas Beats Lofi Chill Hiphop -Relax mood-

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Title:Christmas Beats Lofi Chill Hiphop -Chill Out mood-

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It is edition single on entering three pieces Christmas of musical piece "Two Moons" which is beautiful melody and merou where sweet is, and singing voice is connected with each other exquisitely of Yoshikuni Dochin which reach the organization 20th anniversary in 2021, and featured Yoshikuni Dochin of CHEMISTRY which Chapter 3 of tour started from from October in anniversary.

Title:Tobeta Bajune/Two Moons -Xmas Edition-

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<Enjoy winter with beautiful images and music>

【RELAX WORLD / Ice World / 4K 30min. Sleep Piano Music】

meditation | Calm | Relax | Study



Christmas JAZZ PIANO / Relaxing Christmas BGM

Sugar Candy YouTube CHANNEL


YOMIHOGU ASMR Recitation of Sleep【Kasajizou】Recitation :Atsushi Tamaru

MEGURO FM YouTube Channel


<A select store for sleep and healing>

CDs, lots of things that make great Christmas gifts♪

Rakuten Ichiba RELAX WORLD


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