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Stylish and stylish sound perfect for relaxing in the afternoon or while taking a break.

JAZZ PARADISE, which represents the cafe music scene with its stylish cafe & bossa, has released an album of cafe music with a relaxed atmosphere!

He is also in charge of the "Atelier Bossa Conscious" series, which covers famous songs from a variety of genres and has achieved various records in the distribution ranking. In addition, he has been active in a wide range of other projects, including program themes and jingles for TOKYO FM and J-WAVE, take-off and landing BGM for Vanilla Air, and BGM for Mister Donut stores. This is a cafe music album by "JAZZ PARADISE", a representative artist who leads the cafe music scene in Japan with his stylish cafe & bossa music.

This album is perfect for relaxing or working at home, or just listening to it as background music while sipping coffee at your favorite place.



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Release:December 21, 2021

Label:Sugar Candy


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