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『Moonlight Jazz Blue / Happy song listen with JAZZ』Released on July 16!


Title:Happy song listen with JAZZ Artist:Moonlight Jazz Blue Release : July 16, 2021 Number:SCDD-1607

From the most popular to the latest songs, this work is full of happiness, featuring Japanese happiness songs played on café jazz style piano. CDs are also on sale now!

Release:July 14, 2021

Price:2,200 yen (tax included)

The CD contains 17 songs, including "HELLO / Official Hige Dandism".


tr. 02 Rainbow_2021master

tr. 04 You are a natural color._2021master <Included songs>

tr. 01 Running into the night_2021master

tr. 02 Rainbow_2021master

tr. 03 The world is laughing at you_2021master

tr. 04 You are a natural color_2021master

tr. 05 Light in the name of hope_2021master

tr. 06 Genki wo dake de _2021master

tr. 07 Waiting for the wind_2021master

tr. 08 That gentle girl_2021master

tr. 09 365 days _2021master

tr. 10 Again and again _2021master

tr. 11 YELL_2021master

tr. 12 To overflow with kindness_2021master

tr. 13 Summer's end_2021master

tr. 14 Tomorrow_2021master

tr. 15 YELL - Yell_2021master

tr. 16 If you are surrounded by kindness_2021master

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