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Activate serotonin for a stress-free life

Updated: May 21, 2021

☆Update on May 21

As we continue to live a life of self-restraint, there is still a lot of teleworking and spending time at home, but are you letting stress build up in your mind and body?

Serotonin is a substance in the brain that is essential for mental stability and is called the happiness hormone.

Serotonin is activated by "morning sun exposure," "rhythmic exercise," and "chewing.

Morning walks can fully activate serotonin because they combine both morning sun exposure and rhythmic exercise (regular rhythmic exercise such as walking).

Walking or light exercise activates serotonin!

It's important to move your body even if it's just for a few minutes, such as doing some light stretching after work, or getting off at the next stop and walking home.

By moving your body, you'll be able to study and work more efficiently, improving your mental and physical health!

Here are some works that I recommend for home time, running, jogging, walking and other physical activities.


Music to listen to while walking. You can relax and enjoy while walking slowly. It is also recommended during exercise and during breaks after exercise

The refreshing melody, the babbling sound of the river, and the chirping of small birds make you feel like a forest bath.


「For Walking -slow time-」

Artist:Track Maker R


The melody tempo is relaxed, so you can enjoy a leisurely walk.


「For Walking -morning relaxing-」

Artist:Track Maker R


This is a great piece for beginners to running to enjoy at 120 BPM or for light stretching during home time.

Even if you've only recently started running, why not try running at your own pace to the tune of the song?


Left「SLOW RUNNING 120 BPM -Fun Run!-」

Artist:Track Maker R


Right「SLOW RUNNING 120 BPM -Healthy Running!!-」

Artist:Track Maker R


Now, you become the wind. You are running towards your goal. Tick the time, know the wind, and walk the road.

EDM/Electro runners are guided by rhythm and melody.


「BEST BEAT for Running」

Artist:Track Maker R


Enjoy exercising at home! The tempo is perfect for a workout and will get you in the mood.

Start with the first song!


「HOME WORKOUT~Spesial Fitness Sounds by Track Maker R~」

Artist:Track Maker R


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