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Gentle music that makes you feel nostalgia and makes you feel relaxed.

☆Updated July 27, 2021


When you're on YouTube, Netflix, or other video streaming sites, don't you often find yourself watching old dramas or old videos of your favorite artists?

When we feel nostalgia, it is often when we are in a negative state of mind.

There are times when we feel nostalgia in our daily lives, even in smells and sights.

We often feel nostalgia when we are in a negative state, but it is not a negative state, it is a positive state that makes us feel positive.


After more than a year of self-restraint due to the Corona disaster, have you been feeling negative and tired without realizing it?

Here are some nostalgic and gentle sounds that are perfect for changing your mind in your hectic life.


Relax in a peaceful mood with a soothing melody. Soothing and gentle piano music.


Title:Piano Chill Silent Beat -a calm place-



Title:Piano Chill Silent Beat -heart pieces-


☆Music from "Piano Chill Silent Beat -heart pieces-" is used.

〜The Story

Amami Oshima's virgin forest, a natural forest of subtropical plants

The world of healing music and natural subtropical hardwoods

【RELAX WORLD/4K 30min.Calm Piano Music】Amami Oshima, Subtropical paradise, Native forest,sleep


A nostalgic and gentle healing work that evokes a summer of memories.


Title:Nostalgia "Peaceful Place Music“



Title:Nostalgia "Restful Place Music“


"CROIX HEALING YouTube CHANNEL" delivers the best healing experience with beautiful images and music.


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