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『Chill Café Beats / Piano Chill Silent Beat -a calm place-』Released on July 9th!


Title:Piano Chill Silent Beat -a calm place-

Artist:Chill Café Beats

Release Date : 2021年7月9日


Relax in a peaceful mood with a soothing melody. Soothing and gentle piano music.

<Recommended Songs>

tr. 01 Larks

tr. 02 Lost Time

<recorded data>

tr. 01 Larks

tr. 02 Lost Time

tr. 03 Soft Rain

tr. 04 Simply Beautiful

tr. 05 There is

tr. 06 Bird at Dusk

tr. 07 Pages

tr. 08 Orange Days

tr. 09 Liberty Bell

tr. 10 Green Cycle


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