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A single release from "Toveta Bajun / Wonderful New World -RELAX WORLD-" and a sequel will be releas

A soundtrack that takes the fantasy world depicted in "Wonderful New World -RELAX WORLD-" and makes it look like a movie.

We are pleased to announce the single release of the songs from Tobeta Bajune's 5th album "Wonderful New World -RELAX WORLD-", which started its worldwide distribution on August 18, 2021, and the release of the sequel to "Wonderful New World -RELAX WORLD-", "Wonderful New World -Space Journey-". The release information and jackets have been released!

<Single Information>

Songs from "Wonderful New World ~RELAX WORLD~" to be released as singles

To be released this fall 2021

"Butterfly Effect feat. Mummy-D

"Underwater City feat. Chara

"feat. Yoshikuni Dochin


"Seaside Paradise feat. Kiyotaka Sugiyama *MV to be released

<『Wonderful New World -Space Journey-』Information>

Title:Wonderful New World -Space Journey-

Arrtist:Bajune Tobeta

Release:September 22, 2021

Label:Sugar Candy

The sequel to "Wonderful New World -RELAX WORLD-", "Wonderful New World -Space Journey-" is structured like a soundtrack that depicts the fantasy world of "Wonderful New World -RELAX WORLD-" like a movie. In between the songs, Ms. Miho Hamasaki, who has an impressive voice described as "tickling and enchanting," will perform a space ship broadcast (like a CA on an airplane).


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