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The first total solar eclipse of a supermoon in 24 years

☆Update: May 25, 2021

On May 26, 2021, there will be a "supermoon," a full moon that occurs closest to the earth during the year, and on the same day, the sun, earth, and moon will line up in a straight line, and the moon will be completely covered by the earth's shadow, resulting in the first total solar eclipse of a supermoon in 24 years.

【Super Moon】【Heal Your Fatigue】 Deep Sleep - Music to Enhance Fatigue Recovery

May 26th is the Super Moon. The ultimate healing music designed to help you relax and get a good night's sleep.

Get a good night's sleep with gentle music.

Click here for the music used in this video.↓

Title:Deep Sleep 〜Deep Sleep Music〜

The season is spring, and it has already been one year since we started living in the Covid-19 disaster.

Now that self-restraint has become the norm, we spend our days in a hurry.

When I look up at the night sky, I see a starry sky full of stars, and I feel strangely relaxed and peaceful.

At night, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and the human body goes into relaxation mode, freeing itself from the busyness of the daytime.

By gazing at the stars without thinking about anything else, you can relax your body and feel very relaxed.

Why don't you relax your body and mind by looking up at the sky after work?


Looking up at the stars and realizing what is important - Playlist

Relax with star music



Peaceful Piano 〜Piano for a good night's sleep

A series based on the 12 constellations of the zodiac to soothe away the fatigue of the day with peaceful piano music.

Research studies have shown that peaceful piano music can reduce anxiety in the mind. The gentle piano music in this album will soothe you after a tiring day of telework and web conferences. I highly recommend listening to it during your relaxation time before going to sleep.


The beautiful piano melody will calm your mind and make you feel peaceful.


The gentle sound of 528Hz, called the frequency of love, which is said to be effective in reducing mental and physical stress, invites you to a gentle sleep.


This piece is based on the constellation of Pisces, which means the beginning of things, and features two popular solfeggio frequencies: 963Hz, which is said to activate the brain, and 639Hz, which is said to make the mind relaxed and calm.


When I look up at the stars, I feel peaceful. A blissful sleep story that will lead you to a peaceful sleep under the beautiful starry sky.

Two "Starry Sky Healing" works with melodies as if the stars are talking to you, inviting you to a comfortable sleep.

When you look up at the stars, you will feel peaceful and sleep well with this starry sky healing.

Please listen to it when you want to sleep or relax.



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