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"The music video for the anime version of "Brave New World" feat. Hiroshi Kamiya and Suzuko Mimori

he single of "Brave New World" which also includes the anime version, will be available from October 26, 2021!

In commemoration of the 1.5 million views of the album-related video for Tobeta Bajune's 5th album "Brave New World-RELAX WORLD-", an anime version of the music video for the album's title track "Brave New World" has been completed with popular voice actors voicing the characters. This is the first time I've done this.

The music video for the anime version of "Brave New World" featuring the two characters will be released on Sugar Candy's YouTube channel on October 20, 2021, prior to the single's release!

The character Alphard Bajune is played by Hiroshi Kamiya, who is very active in "Shinji no Kyojin (Levi)", "Natsume Yuujinchou (Takashi Natsume)", and "Bakemonogatari (Koyomi Araragi)", while "Shaula Jour" is played by Suzuko Mimori, who is popular for her roles in "Love Live! (as Umi Sonoda)", "God Hajimemashita (as Nanao Momozono)", and "Masamune's Revenge (as Neko Fujinomiya)".

The single version of the song "Brave New World -RELAX WORLD-" will be released on October 26, 2021 on iTunes and Spotify. The single version of "Brave New World," a big-band JAZZ-taste song with a fantastic concept of two people who love each other thrillingly traveling through the past, present, and future in time and space, will be available on iTunes, Spotify, and other distribution sites from October 26, 2021!

Title:Brave New World

Artist:Bajune Tobeta Release:October 26, 2021 Label:Sugar Candy

<Songs> tr.01 Brave New World feat. Bonjour Suzuki (Single EDIT) tr.02 Brave New World Anime Ver. (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya and Suzuko Mimori) tr.03 Brave New World (Instrumental)


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