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When you wake up in the morning, don't you feel a little bit happier just because your body is in go

What is Healing Aroma?

Healing aroma is an aroma that works on the invisible realm.

Human beings are not just physical beings.

We are not only physical beings, but we are also not only mental beings.

With the help of plant life, healing aroma activates our own "life" that we all have.

The goal is to return to the original chi, to return to life.

When plant life and human life start a dialogue through the act of smelling, there is an exchange of energy, and we can hear the voice of our original body and mind.

Some excerpts

From the website of the International Healing Aroma Society


Why don't you start a "Morning SPA habit" with healing music and aroma to start your day?

According to Hitomi Harada, an aromatherapist and spiritual life coordinator

"A good night's sleep helps regulate the turnover of your cells, body and mind, making your skin glow and improve its color.

The soothing music and aromatic healing will improve your sleep quality and stimulate the secretion of beautiful skin hormones."

Why don't you relax your body and mind with aroma and good music and meet your true self?

The world of healing aroma is effective for various mental and physical problems such as brain stress and mental health.

Here are some of the works recommended by Hitomi Harada, an aromatherapist and spiritual life coordinator, to enjoy the world of healing aroma in a casual way.


A work of art that lets you enjoy a blissful relaxation time while being surrounded by the aroma.

For those who want to wake up in the morning and feel refreshed every day.


Release Date : April 16, 2021

Item Number : SCDD-1608

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When you wake up in the morning and your body is in good condition, doesn't it make you feel a little bit happier? 

A good night's sleep helps to regulate the turnover of your cells, body and mind, making your skin glow and your blood color brighter, which alone can bring out your inner beauty. 

Why don't you start your "morning SPA habit" with healing music and aroma to start your day? 

With the healing music and aroma, the rhythm of the natural world, the earth, and your body clock will be aligned, and your true beauty and power will be awakened from within.

Open the curtains, take in the morning sunlight, and listen to the graceful and pleasant music of the natural world. Then, diffuse your favorite aroma into the space.

The soft and hopeful scent of lemon balm.

The gentle scent of geranium. The scent of peppermint to awaken your memory and motivation.

With the exquisite harmony of music and aroma, your cells will be moisturized from the inside, water and happiness will increase, and a natural smile will overflow from your heart.

I hope that the morning SPA will fill your body and soul with power, and make your day full of wonderful insights, encounters, and opportunities.

Aroma Therapist Hitomi Harada


To those who want to use relaxing aromatic oils before going to bed at night to heal their mental and physical fatigue.

Title: Beauty Sleep Aroma


Release Date : April 16, 2021

Part Number : SCDD-1609

Soothing healing music and aromatic healing will improve the quality of your sleep and awaken the secretion of beautiful skin hormones.

Growth hormone promotes skin turnover and cell repair.

Melatonin, which regulates the balance between sleep and wakefulness, is an important skin beautifying hormone that removes active oxygen that causes aging and illness.

Why don't you improve the quality of your beauty with the "healing SPA habit before bedtime"?

The scent of lavender is full of deep peace and compassion.

When you want to offer your prayers and wishes to the stars, try Frankincense.

When you want to feel gorgeous, you can use the scent of jasmine or ylang-ylang...

As you diffuse the aromas into your space, you are enveloped in a velvet of calm and healing, and you melt into a beautiful dimension of bliss.

The moonlight illuminates you, and the waves shimmer with a mysterious light.

Soothing harmonies of light and birdsong and the buzz of life.

The twinkling of a lake at night with the light of the stars....

At the end of the day, let go of all your worries and fatigue, and surrender all of you to the heavens and the universe.

And may you encounter your own special gift in the world of dreams.

Hitomi Harada, Aromatherapist


Recommenders Profile

Hitomi Harada

Aromatherapist & Spiritual Life Coordinator

CEO of Clarte Co.,Ltd.

President of Soin Soin Aoyama School / Owner Therapist of AromaBote / Founder of Aroma Enlightenment® System

Representative of AromaDrops

She was awakened to the world of healing through her experiences of overcoming bulimia and mystical experiences from her childhood.

She worked as an esthetician and aromatherapist at a salon in Aoyama, and was involved in the establishment of several healing salons and a venture company to support female entrepreneurs. In 2003, she became an independent spiritual counselor and founded So One So One. She has opened several healing salons and schools in Tokyo, Kobe, and Fukuoka.

In 2007, she founded the Aroma Enlightenment® System, the world's first systematization of spiritual aromatherapy. She is a leading expert in spiritual aromatherapy. To date, more than 20,000 people have attended Hitomi Harada's various lectures and workshops. With the slogan, "New Age Therapy from Healing to Awakening," she has been very popular with everyone from healing beginners to professionals throughout Japan. Her books on Aroma Enlightenment include "The Magic of Aroma Healing: How Fragrant Waves Instantly Lead You to Petit Awakening" (Hikaru Land) and "Natural Ascension with Fragrance: The Fragrant Secret Treasure that Awakens You" (Sohorei Shuppan).

She is also a lecturer at corporate seminars in Japan and abroad, and has supervised books, healing CDs, and appeared in various media. She proposes an awakened lifestyle, a way of life that connects with one's true self and potential, and lightly crystallizes one's ideal reality with excitement.

Official site


Healing Aroma Works supervised by Hitomi Harada

Healing Aroma BEST30~Blissful moments

"A world of aroma experienced through music"

Experience the sound world of healing aromas in a fantastic sound space that makes you feel as if you are experiencing aromas.

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Ambient music inspired by aromatic scents and nature sounds (water sounds, forest sounds, birds chirping, wind sounds) create a deep resonance of healing.

Fragrant bubbles of water. Droplets of water shining in the light.

The whispering of the abyssal universe and stars will melt your mind and body into bliss.

This is the ultimate vitamin music that will lead you to a world of high quality dreams, graceful and soft on the skin.

This is the ultimate peaceful sound that will awaken your soul.

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Easy on the Mind and Body- AROMA HEALING

A jewel box of sound with the fragrance of the natural world, full of deep peace.

The ultimate peaceful sound that awakens your soul.

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