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RELAX WORLD / "Beauty Sleep Aroma -beautiful morning-" recommended by an aroma therapist

Title: Healing Aromas for a Beautiful Night's Sleep by an Aromatherapist -Waking up in the morning with a good feeling


Release Date : April 16, 2021

Part Number : SCDD-1608

For those of you who want to wake up in the morning feeling good and refresh your daily life.

Recommended by Hitomi Harada, Aromatherapist & Spiritual Life Coordinator.


For those who want to wake up in the morning and feel refreshed every day

When you wake up in the morning, don't you feel a little bit happier just because your body is in good condition? 

A good night's sleep can help regulate the turnover of your cells, body and mind, make your skin glow and improve your blood color, and in itself can bring out your beauty from within. 

Why don't you start your "Morning SPA habit" with healing music and aroma to start your day? 

The healing music and aroma will help you

With the healing music and aroma, the rhythm of nature, the earth, and your internal clock will be aligned, and your true beauty and power will be awakened from within.

Open the curtains, take in the morning sunlight, and listen to the graceful and pleasant music of the natural world. Then, diffuse your favorite aroma into the space.

The soft and hopeful scent of lemon balm.

The gentle scent of geranium. The scent of peppermint to awaken your memory and motivation.

With the exquisite harmony of music and aroma, your cells will be moisturized from the inside, water and happiness will increase, and a natural smile will overflow from your heart.

I hope that the Morning SPA will fill your body and soul with power, and make your day full of wonderful insights, encounters, and opportunities.

Hitomi Harada

<Recommended songs >

tr. 01 Time of Awakening

The beautiful chirping of birds and the pleasant sound of the piano will make you feel good when you wake up in the morning.

tr. 05 nature healing

The sound of nature echoes through the air as if you were in a forest.

<Included songs>

tr. 01 Time of Awakening

tr. 02 Soft light

tr. 03 nature healing

tr. 04 Aroma of water sound

tr. 05 Lovely awareness

tr. 06 Aroma space

tr. 07 A natural smile

tr. 08 Earth's rhythm

tr. 09 Filled with Happiness

tr. 10 Graceful scene


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