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The sequel to "Tobeta Bajune: Brave New World -RELAX WORLD-", "Brave New World -A Space Odyssey-", i

This sequel to "Brave New World -RELAX WORLD-" is a soundtrack-like composition of the fantastical world depicted in "Brave New World -RELAX WORLD-", and will feature space ship broadcasts (similar to those of CAs on airplanes) by Miho Hamasaki, who has an impressive voice described as "tantalizing and enchanting".

Also participating will be Brazilian cellist, arranger, record producer, conductor, and composer Jaquith Morelenbaum, who has participated in 788 albums to date and has given 2,570 concerts in 446 cities in 47 countries.


Thoughts on the album

In "Brave New World -RELAX WORLD-", which preceded this album, we invited Chara, Yoshikuni Dochin (Kemistry), Mummy-D, Kiyotaka Sugiyama, Yui Asaka, Bonjour Suzuki, ACO, and others to create a spectacular fantasy of a journey to find RELAX WORLD (a wonderful new world) in the future, the past, inside the earth, and in space.

In this work, I imagined it as a fictional fantasy film and created a fictional soundtrack.

Tobeta Bajune



Title:Brave New World -A Space Odyssey-

Artist:Bajune Tobeta

Release:September 22, 2021

Label:Sugar Candy


The official image video, which surreally depicts the world of the work featuring Miho Hamasaki, who shows off her impressive voice tone in the intra-spacecraft broadcast (similar to that of a CA on an airplane) in the work, was released before the album's release, and is now the talk of the town, especially on SNS!

Brave New World -A Space Odyssey-:[OFFICIAL IMAGE VIDEO]

Miho Hamasaki appears in a spaceship in a CA costume, stretching in both standing and seated positions, in the style of an instructional video, with a surrealistic view of the world.

Starring:Miho Hamasaki

In-Ship Exercise - Daytime, Standing Position

In-Ship Exercise - Daytime, Sitting Position


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