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『Healing Aromas - Wake up in the morning and feel good』CD release on August 25!


Title:Healing Aromas - Wake up in the morning and feel good


Release : August 25, 2021


Price: 1,980 yen (Main unit: 1,800 yen)

When you wake up in the morning, don't you feel a little bit happier just because your body is in good condition? 

This is a CD release of the world of healing aromas recommended by Hitomi Harada, an aromatherapist and spiritual life coordinator.


tr. 01 The Time of Awakening

tr. 02 soft light

tr. 03 nature healing

tr. 04 Aroma of water sound

tr. 05 Lovely awareness

tr. 06 Aroma space

tr. 07 A natural smile

tr. 08 Earth's rhythm

tr. 09 Filled with Happiness

tr. 10 Graceful scene


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