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『Healing Aromas - Comfortable and Healing Sleep』CD release on September 8!


Title:Healing Aromas - Comfortable and Healing Sleep


Release : September 8, 2021


Price: 1,980 yen (Main unit: 1,800 yen)

The soothing music and aroma healing will improve your sleep quality and awaken the secretion of beautiful skin hormones.

Before going to bed at night, you can use relaxing aromatic oils to heal your mental and physical fatigue.

Why don't you relax your body and mind with aroma and good music and meet your true self?

This is a work where you can easily enjoy the world of healing aromas recommended by Hitomi Harada, an aromatherapist and spiritual life coordinator.

This is a CD release of the popular aromatherapist and spiritual life coordinator Hitomi Harada's recommendation to enjoy the world of healing aromas in a casual way!

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tr. 01 The Beauty of the Waterfront

tr. 02 Night Bath

tr. 03 Footprints in the Sound of Waves

tr. 04 Dreaming SPA

tr. 05 Mysterious Light

tr. 06 Surrounded by the fragrance of Frankincense

tr. 07 Glimmer of the night lake

tr. 08 Moisturizing from the inside out

tr. 09 Sleep Aroma

tr. 10 Balance between sleep and wakefulness


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