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『RELAX WORLD / Good Sleep "Relaxing alpha wave music box"』Released on September 3!


Title:Good Sleep "Relaxing alpha wave music box" Artist:RELAX WORLD Rleasee : September 3, 2021 Number:SCDD-1626 The nostalgic sound of the music box will lull you into a peaceful sleep.

<Recommend> tr. 06 The Fairy Song

<recorded songs>

tr. 01 Happy Room

tr. 02 Peaceful Moon

tr. 03 Gentle lullaby

tr. 04 Deep Breathing

tr. 05 Your Starlight

tr. 06 The Fairy Song

tr. 07 Peaceful Dreams

tr. 08 Green and Yellow

tr. 09 Starry Sky

tr. 10 Happy Sleep Stream or download this track


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