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『Chill Café Beats / Piano Chill Silent Beat -heart pieces-』Released on July 2nd!


Title:Piano Chill Silent Beat -heart pieces-

Artist:Chill Café Beats

Release : 2021年7月2日


Relax in a peaceful mood with a soothing melody. Soothing and gentle piano music.

<Recommended Songs>

tr. 01 Cloudy Sky

tr. 04 Silent Moon

<recorded data>

tr. 01 Cloudy Sky

tr. 02 Serendipitously

tr. 03 Shape

tr. 04 Silent Moon

tr. 05 Sky Quotes

tr. 06 Really Soothing

tr. 07 Peace of Mind

tr. 08 Ordinary Conversation

tr. 09 Mirror Songs

tr. 10 Letters


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