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The "Brave New World -Limited Edition-" is now available exclusively on Apple Music and iTunes!

Another story from Tobeta Bajune's solo album "Brave New World - RELAX WORLD", which depicts the journey to find RELAX WORLD (Wonderful New World) as a spectacular fantasy.

The song "Tobeta Bajune / Brave New World - RELAX WORLD" is now available exclusively on Apple Music and iTunes, featuring guest artists such as "Chara", "Bonjour Suzuki", "Mummy-D", "Yoshikuni Dochin", "Kiyotaka Sugiyama", "Yui Asaka", "Paula Morelenbaum", "Jaquith Morelenbaum", and "Miho Hamasaki". The Apple Music and iTunes exclusive version of "Tobeta Bajune / Brave New World -RELAX- WORLD-" featuring guest artists such as "Jakis Morelenbaum" and "Miho Hamasaki" is now available!

In addition to the edited versions of songs from "Brave New World -RELAX WORLD-", "Offret", "Epilogue", "Brave New World (jazz edit)", and "Sea in Peace feat. in Peace feat. Paula Morelenbaum" featuring Brazilian bossa nova singer Paula Morelenbaum, and "Asian Flower feat. Jaques Morelenbaum" featuring Brazilian cellist, arranger, record producer, conductor and composer Jaques Morelenbaum. This is a special re-edited version of the album.



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Title:Brave New World -Limited Edition- ※Available only on Apple Music & iTunes

Artist:Bajune Tobeta

Release:October 26, 2021

Label:Sugar Candy


tr. 01 Butterfly Effect feat. Mummy-D (bite edit)

tr. 02 Brave New World feat. Bonjour Suzuki (bite edit)

tr. 03 Sea in Peace feat. Paula Morelenbaum

tr. 04 Clear Water No.2 (bite edit)

tr. 05 Asian Flower feat. Jaques Morelenbaum

tr. 06 Offret

tr. 07 Moon Color (bite edit)

tr. 08 Underwater World feat. Chara (bite edit)

tr. 09 Seaside Paradise feat. Kiyotaka Sugiyama (bite edit)

tr. 10 Sweet Memories feat. Yui Asaka (bite edit)

tr. 11 Two Moons feat. Yoshikuni Dohchin (bite edit)

tr. 12 Epilogue

tr. 13 Brave New World (jazz edit)


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