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he Xmas edition of this mellow song, with its beautiful melody and Yoshikuni Dochin's sweet voice, i

A gem of a number to wrap you up in the happiness of a holy night with your loved one.

Tobeta Bajune's solo album "Brave New World" featuring guest artists such as CHARA, Mummy-D, Yoshikuni Dochin, Kiyotaka Sugiyama, Yui Asaka, Paula Morelenbaum, Jaques Morelenbaum, Bonjour Suzuki, ACO and Miho Hamasaki. The song features Yoshikuni Dochin of CHEMISTRY, who will celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2021 and have started the third chapter of their anniversary tour in October. The mellow song "Futanotsuki" is a perfect combination of beautiful melody and Dochin's sweet voice. The Christmas edition of the three-track single will be available on iTunes, Spotify and other distribution sites from 12 November 2021!


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Title:Two Moons 〜Xmas Edition〜

Artist:Bajune Tobeta

Release:12 November 2021

Label:Sugar Candy


01. Two Moons feat.Yoshikuni Dochin (Xmas Edit)

02. Two Moons (Instrumental)

03. Two Moons (Trombone Solo)

The music video is out now!

『Two Moons feat.Yoshikuni Dochin』MV


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