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A city pop tune with a refreshing breeze" featuring Kiyotaka Sugiyama is now available!

The single distribution of "Seaside Paradise feat. Kiyotaka Sugiyama" from Tobeta Bajune's 5th album "Wonderful New World -RELAX WORLD-", which depicts the journey to find RELAX WORLD as a spectacular fantasy, has started from September 28, 2021. The single "Seaside Paradise feat. Kiyotaka Sugiyama" from Tobeta Bajun's 5th album "Wonderful New World -RELAX WORLD-" will be available on iTunes, Spotify and other distribution sites from September 28, 2021.


He made his debut in 1983 as Kiyotaka Sugiyama & Omega Tribe, made his solo debut in 1986 with "Sayonara no Ocean," and has been performing a wide range of solo and unit activities throughout the year. It is a city pop tune with a fresh breeze that reminds us of the summer of the past, expressed in the style of Tobeta Bajune.

Seaside, sand, moonlight and paradise. This is my favorite theme.

The melody, the words, and the sound show us such a view from the building district to the sea.

Nice resort music, Tobeta style.

Kiyotaka Sugiyama


The music video by digital drawing animator "HIITOMI YOSHIOKA" has also been released.


HITOMI YOSHIOKA animation works


The jacket for "Seaside Paradise" was designed by "Tuesday", who, like "Wonderful New World -RELAX WORLD-", is active in a wide range of fields such as collaborating with apparel brands and providing designs for CD jackets. It is designed by "Tuesday".



List of distribution services

Title:Seaside Paradise

Artist:Bajune Tobeta feat. Kiyotaka Sugiyama

Release:September 28, 2021

Label:Sugar Candy

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