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Track Maker R / For Walking -morning relaxation-" released on May 21!


Title : For Walking -morning relaxing-

Artist : Track Maker R

Release Date : May 21, 2021

Part Number : SCDD-1611

Music to listen to while walking. You can relax and enjoy while walking slowly. It is also recommended during exercise and during breaks after exercise.

<Recommended Songs>

tr. 02 green field with blue sky

tr. 05 feel the breeze

The melody tempo is also relaxed, so why not enjoy a leisurely walk.

<recorded songs>

tr. 01 take a relaxing walk

tr. 02 green field with blue sky

tr. 03 walking forest

tr. 04 enjoyed the walk

tr. 05 feel the breeze

tr. 06 soak up the sun

tr. 07 walking smiley

tr. 08 green road

tr. 09 walking in the wind

tr. 10 relax and stretch

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